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Dong-Sheng Guo
Department of Physics, Rm. 154, James Hall, Southern University and A&M College, Baton Rouge, LA 70813
225-771-4130 Ext. 13



1984, Ph.D. in Physics, Illinois Institute of Technology


1991 - Present, Referee, Physical Review Letters and Physical Review A
1984 - Present, Member, American Physical Society


NSF Grant PHY-9603083, $30,000 (06/1997 - 05/2001): “Atoms in strong laser fields
and nonperturbative quantum electrodynamics”.

NASA Grant NAG 5-3660, $300,000 (11/1996 - 05/2000): “Effects of aerosols and clouds interaction on UV, PRA, and crop yields”.

DOE Grant DE-FG03-94ER20367, $35,864 (6/1994 - 05/1996) “Unified formulas for
electron - Impact excitation cross sections and rates coefficients”


Associate professor teaching both graduate and undergraduate courses, Department of
Physics, Southern University and A&M College, Baton Rouge, LA (08/1992 - Present)



Summer physicist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, CA (06/1993 -

Postdoctoral fellow in theoretical atomic physics with Prof. G. W. F. Drake, Department
of Physics, University of Windsor, Windsor, Canada (08/1990 - 06/1992)

Research associate in atomic physics and quantum optical physics with Prof. Bernd
Crasemann, Department of Physics, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR (09/1986 - 03/1990)

Research associate in theoretical atomic physics with Prof. Walter R. Johnson, Department of Physics, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN (09/1984 - 09/1986)


R. R. Freeman (UC Davis), Y.-S. Wu (U. of Utah), X.-F. Li (Beijing) J. T. Zhang
(Shanghai), Z.-Z. Xu (Shanghai)



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Physics Publications:

15. Jingtao Zhang, Wenqi Zhang, Zhizhan Xu, Xiaofeng Li, Panming Fu, Dong-Sheng Guo, and R. R. Freeman, The calculation of photoelectron angular distributions with jet-like structure from scattering theory, J. Phys. B: At. Mol. Opt. Phys. 35, 4809. (2002).

14. D.-S. Guo, R. R. Freeman, Lianghui Gao, Xiaofeng Li, Panming Fu, Taner Edis and A. Troha, , Spin-other-orbit effect of photon modes, J. Phys. B. 34, 2983. (2001).

13. D.-S. Guo, R. R. Freeman, and Y.-S. Wu, Quantum electrodynamic approach to the Volkov-Coulomb Problem, J. Phys. A. 33, 7955. (2000).

12. L. Gao, X. Li, P. Fu, R. R. Freeman, and D.-S. Guo Nonperturbative quantum electrodynamics theory of high-order harmonic generation, Phys. Rev. A 61, 63407. (2000).

11. J. Gao, D.-S. Guo, and Y.-S. Wu, Resonant above-threshold ionization at quantized laser intensities, Phys. Rev. A 61, 043406. (2000).

10. M. H. Chen, K. J. Reed, D.-S. Guo, and D. W. Savin, Dielectronic recombination for boronlike ions, Phys. Rev. A 58, 4539. (1998).

9. L. Gao, X. Li, P. Fu, and D.-S. Guo, The phase-difference effect in two-color above-threshold ionization, Phys. Rev. A 58, 3807. (1998).

8. D.-S. Guo, R. R. Freeman, and Y.-S. Wu, The Schrodinger-like equation for a nonrelativistic electron in a photon field of arbitrary intensity, Phys. Rev. A 58, 521. (1998).

7. J. Gao, B. Bagayoko, and D.-S. Guo, The ponderomotive four-momentum, Can. J. Phys. 76, 87. (1998).

6. M. H. Chen, K. J. Reed, D. M. McWilliams, D.-S. Guo, L Barlow, M. Lee, and V. Walker, K-shell Auger and radiative transitions in the carbon isoelectronicsequence, At. Data Nucl. Data Tables 65, 289. (1997).

5. D.-S. Guo, Theory of the Kapitza-Dirac effect in strong radiation fields, Phys. Rev. A 53, 4311. (1996).

4. D.-S. Guo, Theory of two-photon emission from atomic inner shells, Phys. Rev. A 36, 4267. (1987).

3. D.-S. Guo, Noniterative method for constructing many-parameter solutions of the Einstein and Einstein-Maxwell field equations, J. Math. Phys. 25, 2284. (1984).

2. Y. Chen, D.-S. Guo, and F. J. Ernst, Charged spinning mass field involving rational functions, J. Math. Phys. 24, 1564. (1983).

1. D.-S. Guo and F. J. Ernst, Electrovac generalization of Neugebauers N=2 solution of the Einstein vacuum field equations, J. Math. Phys. 23, 1359. (1982).



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