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For complete copies of the below mentioned publications please contact Dr. Diola Bagayoko at 225-771- 2730 or email at



  Philosophical Foundations for Systemic Mentoring at Timbuktu Academy (2002)
  Avoiding and Closing Academic Achievement Gaps
  "A Rosetta Stone" for Deciphering The Educational Process: The Integrated Law of Human Performance
  Institutionalizing Systemic Mentoring
  Mentoring: A Strategy for Increasing Minority Participation
  Evaluation Framework for mentoring Processes and Results
  The Law of Performance and Excellence in Research



  THE TIMBUKTU ACADEMY, The Paradigm, Programs, Activities, and Results
  How to study Successfully
  Genesis Of Genius


  "A Rosetta Stone" for Competitive Education; Educational Reforms and GLOBE
  The Law of Performance and Excellence in Research
  The Power law of Performance and Cognitive Condensation for Mastery Teaching and Learning

  Publications of the Timbuktu Academy

Dr. Bagayoko's Picks:

  Virtual Mentoring Institute at the Timbuktu Academy (VMI-TA)
  The Paradigm of The Timbuktu Academy
  Genesis Of Genius
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