Activities of the Academy

Summer Science Institute (SSI) and Summer Bridge Institute (SBI) scholars, in addition to fifty (50) of the undergraduate scholars, are supported by the Department of the Navy, Office of Naval Research (ONR) Grant. The Undergraduate Research Program (URP) of the Academy works very well with the Honors College at SUBR. This College provides financial support to several scholars and educational enrichment and challenge, partly through the Honors Colloquia, to most scholars.

The activities of the Academy are designed and integrated, based on research results, to heed the Paradigm of the Academy rigorously. The specific Undergraduate Research Program (URP) activities, which moderately convey the essence of the Academy, are listed below:

Thirteen (13) of the 15 scholars who earned Bachelor's Degrees to date enrolled, and are excelling, in graduate school. The Undergraduate Research Program (URP) scholars make an average of twenty (20) national technical presentations per year.