Department of Physics

Timbuktu Academy



Grad. Date

Current Status

1. Louis Adolph Spring 1996 Pratt & Whitney -FL
2. Lumumba Ato Barlow Spring 1996 Teaching Physics - To enroll in Ph.D. program in Mech. Eng. at LSU, 1997-98
3. LaShondria B. Dixon Spring 1996 Graduate Program@SUBR-Physics
4. Lakindra P. Francis Spring 1997 Graduate Program @ SUBR-Physics
5. Kaiana N. Franklin Fall 1996 Hughes Aircraft - Los Angeles, CA/ To enroll in graduate school in 1997-98-Physics
6. Holli D. Horton Spring 1997 Grad. Prog.@ Norfolk -Sum. '97 - Physics
7. Veronica D. King Spring 1997 Hughes Aircraft - Los Angeles, CA
8. Kevin Muhammad Spring 1997 Enrolled in (graduate) school-patent law
9. Bonique D. Pillot Spring 1996 United Space Allaince, Texas
10. Ebonique C. Pillot Spring 1996 Teacher - B.R., LA
11. Donald G. Prier, III Spring 1995 Grad. Program @ SUBR-Physics
12. Monica Roberson Fall1995 United Space Alliance, Texas
13. Robert J. Smith, Jr. Spring 1996 United Space Alliance, TX; 1 semester in graduate school-SUBR, to continue in a Texas university -Physics
14. Watasha Wade Fall 1995 Graduate Program @SUBR - just funded by NASA for Grad. Studies-Physics
15. Lawrence Wesley Fall 1996 Hughes Aircraft - Los Angeles, CA; Enrolling in Loyola Marymount, Los Angeles in the Fall of 1997- Physics.
16. Troy D. Williams Summer 1996 Graduate Program @SUBR-Physics

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