A. Name of Program: Summer Science Institute (SSI)
B.Target Audience: High School Students (Grades 11-12)
C.Date of Implementation: 1991 - PRESENT
D.Funding Source(s): ONR, MUTEC, DOE, and ET/WM, ETC
E.Brief Program Description (Including Objectives and Expected Outcomes):

The Summer Science Institute (SSI) is a six week, residential science program which stresses areas of energy and environmental concern. The overall goal of the program is to increase the pool of qualified, well-trained minority scientists and engineers. The program seeks to further this interest and encourage participants to pursue careers in these areas. In achieving the program's goals, the focus of the institute is multi-faceted:

Academic emphasis on Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, and English 
Hands-on laboratory experimentation 
Development of computer and test-taking skills (ACT preparation workshops) 
Enhancement of critical thinking and comprehension skills (reasoning logically, analyzing data, drawing inferences, and problem solving) 
Enhancement of communication skills (English usage, writing, and reading)

The program provides for living expenses and for stipends ($1,000 per scholar). Students gain insight into various scientific careers through visits to scientific and industrial sites and interaction with successful, practicing minority science professionals who serve as guest speakers and role models.

The scholars are selected based on the soundness of judgment (knowing what and what not to do; as determined by recommendations and results), the goodness of character (self discipline, hardwork, and ethical behavior; as determined by recommendations, results and a written statement of interest in pursuing a career in science or a science-related discipline), and academic accomplishments (English, Science, and Mathematics courses taken and related GPA, along with the ACT/SAT individual and composite scores; as determined by transcript and ACT/SAT reports).

                       Monday        Tuesday      Wednesday      Thursday          Friday

8:30- 11 :oo Chemistry Research Chemistry Research Field Trips
11:00-12:30 Math Physics Math Physics Field Trips
2:30-1:30 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Field Trips
I :30-3 :30 Computer Research Computer Research Field Trips
3:30-4:30 Free Research Res. Seminar Research Field Trips
6:30-8:00 English Study Hall English Study Hall Field Trips