This homepage is the result of the combined efforts of many students (in alphabetical order):

Muktar Abdul, Undergraduate Student, CSC
Amir Aghajanian, Challenge 2000, Timbuktu Academy Summer Scholar
Louis Beathley,ONR Scholar of the Timbuktu Academy
Deepali Dahale, Graduate Student, CSC
Tommy Dodson,ONR Scholar of the Timbuktu Academy
Wayne Dyer, Challenge 2000, Timbuktu Academy Summer Scholar
Carl R. Grant, EPC-ONR Scholar of the Timbuktu Academy
Chris Hunte, Undergraduate Student, Engineering
Monika Wright, Undergraduate Student, Physics

The hardware and software products for this network were acquired by grants directed by Dr. Diola Bagayoko. The first computer laboratory was established in 1989 with funding from the US Department of Education, Title III Program. Several other grants built on or upgraded the computer resources of the Department. The first of these grants was funded by the Louisiana Education Quality Support Fund (LEQSF), administered by the Louisiana Board of Regents [Contract No. LEQSF(1993-94)-ENH-TR-29. The second grant is the SUBR-Physics Conpoinent of the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) award to the Center for Minorities in Science, Engineering, and Technology (CMSET), at Southern University and A&M College System [Cooperative Agreement No. DE-FC04-95AL89021].

The operational viability of the network was made possible by the work of the Scholars named above. They are supported, along with over 50 other scholars, by the Department of the Navy, Office of Naval Research (ONR, Grant No. N00014-93-1-1368), through the Timbuktu Academy. The Scientific Officer of "Engineering, Physics, and Chemistry at the Timbuktu Academy" is Dr. Harold Guard, Division of Chemistry, Office of Naval Research.