RESEARCH ASSOCIATE & INSTRUCTOR M.S. DEGREE PROGRAM IN PHYSICS SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY AND A&M COLLEGE BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA 70813 Prepares and delivers lectures, discussions, conducts Laboratory Demonstrations and performs other activities which are related to and meet course requirements for research and graduate training in Physics in the area of Instrumentation. Maintains course/Instrumentation syllabi and provides each student with a written statement of Instrumentation requirements at the beginning of each semester. Conducts appropriate evaluations of students performance in Instrumentation. Maintains records of student's performance and attendance in Instrumentation as well as grades as appropriate. Provides access to students through regular hours and involvement on campus. Participates in development and revision of instrumentation course of instruction, equipment selection, instructional material associated with Instrumentation. Works with students and employers in occupational settings, on-the-job training, practicums, internships, and similar work-related situations. Serves on department and/or university committees as needed to assist in policy development on instrumentation, graduate research as well as training graduate and undergraduate students. Provides technical assistance for the preparation and submission of statistical reports and proposals.. Conducts program needs assessment, program feasibility studies and student intent surveys. Prepares tabular reports describing results of various research undertaken, routine reports and ad hoc reports relating to graduate and undergraduate program of instruction and development. Maintains data files as related to institutional projects and mandated governmental reporting; and maintains management information systems. Qualifications: Minimum of an earned Bachelor's degree in physics (or Equivalent); Preferred an earned Master's degree in engineering field (mechanical, electrical, nuclear or general engineering) Good knowledge of survey design and research methodologies Knowledge of principles and theories of statistics. Good knowledge of principles and theory of teaching. Good knowledge of practices and procedures of teaching. Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing. Maintaining effective working relations with students, Faculty and university community.