Manual (001)


How to Connect to a UNIX System from A Personal Computer

Prepared by : Rahman Tashakkori, Instructor – Department of Physics – SUBR

This manual is designed to be used on Personal Computers (PCs) with existing connectivity to the network. Such connectivity is required for communication between different computers. Currently computers in the Department of Physics are connected via twisted pair cables. Some people use telephones to connect to computers that are located at the providers location. For instance, America On Line (AOL) users dial a number to connect to a server that is located somewhere in the United State. These users can use this manual after they have established the connectivity with their providers which usually permit telnet.

In general we use Telnet to connect form one computer to another at the same or a different location. Telnet can be used to connect two computers with different platforms. For our purpose, we use Telnet to connect a PC to the Department of Physics Unix base system which handles our e-mails, web pages, and computations. In our department, we assigned UNIX base computer, grant, to deliver our e-mails. Thus, will use Telnet to connect from a PC to this machine. The Telnet that we are using comes with Windows 95. The Telnet icon has already been placed on your Windows screen. If you do not see that icon please refer to Manual (A001) – "Adding an icon on the Windows Screen". To establish a connection follow these steps;

    1. Double Click on the Telnet icon on the screen. A window will open that has Telnet at the top left corner and the following (4) tabs; Connect, Edit, Terminal, Help
    2. Click on Connect. A box will open that has the following options in it; Remote System, Disconnect, Exit, and if that is the not the first time this machine was used to connect to other machines you will see the list of previous machines too. Let’s for now assume that we do not have the name of the machine we want to connect to in the list.
    3. Click on Remote System. A box will appear, fill those field by using the information given bellow;
    4. Host Name (or the machine you want to connect

      to, for instance

      Port telnet

      Terminal Type vt100

    5. Click on Connect to proceed, you will see the following on the screen;
    6. IRIX (grant)


    7. Type your login Id there, you will see the following on the screen;
    8. Password:

    9. Type your password, you will see something like the following on the screen;

IRIX Release 6.3 IP32 grant

Copyright 1987-1996 Silicon Graphics, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Last login: Tue Jun 09 10:01:40 CDT 1998 by UNKNOWN@

You have mail.

grant 1%

Congratulations, you are now in the grant machine. You can run a program or use Pine to check your e-mail. To get to Pine just type pine at the prompt (%). To learn about Pine refer to Manual (002) "How to Use Pine".