persons who doing the search should be careful about the knid of data they enter. On the one hand, it should be specific enough to screen out people with the same name, area of residence, etc but not specific enough that unscrupulous people can use the data and steal the identity or find other ways of misusing the information. For example, if the prson can recognize it, I would give the name and type of pet (dog, cat, parrot) rather than the compete street address.

The number for a list of displaced persons 225 389-2176 Missing People From Hurricane Katrina - 1-800-774-0512 www.brgov.com http://www.nola.com/forums/searching/ http://www.firstgov.gov/Citizen/Topics/PublicSafety/Hurricane_Katrina_Recovery.shtml http://neworleans.craigslist.org/laf/ http://www.katrinaslost.com/ http://www.missingkatrina.com/ http://messages.yahoo.com/bbs?action=l&tid=hvkatrint2oi0&sid=37138446&mid=1000000 http://www.findkatrina.com/ The Salvation Army site http://www.tsasw.org/qso/healthandwelfare.asp http://www.hurricanerefugee.com/ http://katrinacentral.com/ http://www.bergedalen.com/katrina/survived.aspx http://www.nolarefugees.com/ http://www.nowpublic.com/taxonomy/term/6439 ? http://www.stayincontact.org/forum/ http://www.katrinaconnections.com/ http://www.hurricanekatrinasurvivors.com/home/ http://msnbc.msn.com/id/9159961/