University of Pennsylvania


Date:         Thu, 1 Sep 2005 17:31:52 -0400

TO: The Penn Community
FROM: President, Dr. Amy Gutmann

The University of Pennsylvania stands with the nation in mourning the
victims of terrible tragedy in the areas affected by Hurricane Katrina.
We are committed to finding solutions to help the survivors rediscover
hope and rebuild shattered lives.  To that end, we will offer
academically-qualified Philadelphia-area undergraduates enrolled at
colleges and universities in hurricane stricken areas the opportunity to
take fall semester classes at Penn on a space-available basis.

In addition, Penn faculty and staff interested in serving as volunteers
with the organizations involved in hurricane relief efforts may be given
up to three weeks of paid time off.

We are driven by our belief that it is important to offer students from
the Philadelphia area as much continuity as we can until they can resume
studies at their home institution. In addition, many of our faculty and
staff have expressed interest in volunteering their services in New
Orleans and other areas needing assistance.

We expect to be able to accommodate as many as 100 undergraduate students.
In addition, graduate and professional students will be considered on an
individual basis, depending on available space.

Penn will not be charging tuition to the displaced students, instead
allowing tuition dollars to continue to be directed towards the students
home school.  If students have already paid their fall semester tuition
to another college or university, Penn will provide available space in
classes at no additional cost and will work with students to assure they
remain eligible for federal financial aid.

Students seeking to enroll in the emergency program should contact the
College of General Studies at 215-573-4338.

Campus housing is already full and will not be available to the additional
students.  The expectation is that the emergency program would serve
students within commuting distance. At the end of the fall semester, Penn
will give students in the program transcripts for the courses they

As they become available, additional details will be posted at:

Dr. Amy Gutmann