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From: Gary White <>
To: bagayoko@AOL.COM
Sent: Thu, 8 Sep 2005 12:08:12 -0400
Subject: physicists and the hurricane

Hi,   I'm writing to touch base with Sigma Pi Sigma members and to see how you are   faring in the wake of Katrina. The physics community is setting up an   information exchange on The Nucleus ( ) which should be   in place by Monday, maybe earlier. The main idea is that there are probably   hundreds of physics undergrads, grad students, postdocs, high school teachers,   and other faculty and staff that are displaced or need of assistance, and an   information exchange would be useful in matching up needs and providers. In the   meantime I have heard from many in the physics community with offers of help, so   if you have been displaced and are looking for an academic contact let me know;   or if your circumstances allow you to help others and you want to get the word   out, let me know, also.      

In addition, I thought that you might know something about the departments and   physics students and faculty, or perhaps even your high school physics teachers,   that have been shut down completely by Katrina for the near future. If you've   heard from any of these individuals please let me know, especially if you think   there is a way that we can help. We will be trying to match displaced physicists   of all stripes with campuses that might be able to provide opportunities for   them, so please contact me with any info you might have heard.      




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